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167 Mini Bearings- 7mm

167 Mini Bearings- 7mm

The 167 bearing is the only bearing on the market that is designed.


The Bont 167 mini roller skate bearing is custom made for Bont by Jesa Bearings of Switzerland. It has a 16mm outer diameter and a 7mm hole hence the number 167. Some skaters call this type of bearing a 7mm bearing. 7mm axles on quad roller skates are popular on high-end plates to save weight. Bont also saved a lot of weight with our mini bearing wheels such as the Royal Assassin and FX1 but there was no bearing in the world that could fit our needs so we designed the 167.


    The Bont 167 quad mini roller skating bearing has an exceptionally fine polished bearing track surface and incredibly precise balls. The lightweight plastic cages allow for lower rolling resistance. The extremely strong steel helps the bearing keep its shape when under load.


    No returns or refunds after 30 days. Please send us a message via Instagram or Facebook to speak to us about return policy.


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