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167/688 Mini Bearing Adapter

167/688 Mini Bearing Adapter

The 167/688 quad mini bearing adapter is made of aluminum. The bearing adapter fits over your 167 or 688 mini bearings so they can be used in a 608 wheel hub. You will need 1 adapter per bearing.

There are two advantages to using mini bearings.

1. You create a much lighter setup as a 608 bearing weighs 12 grams compared to a mini bearing at 4 grams and an adapter at 1 gram.
2. Mini bearings spool up faster than regular 608 bearings. 


    You need 1 adapter per bearing.
    Sold individually (1 adapter)

    Using a combination of Bont Mini bearings and Adapters, you can save an amazing 176 grams (6.2oz) over 608 bearings. That's a noticeable difference on your quad roller skates. These are perfect for roller derby where you need to quickly accelerate over and over again. It also lightens your rink skates for indoor skating or outdoor skating. Mini bearings are suitable for all types of skating apart from jumping. You should never jump on mini bearings. 

    The mini bearing adapters have been tested by Bont's professional roller skating and roller derby teams. Aluminum adapters are stronger and work better than plastic adapters. Buy a set to try today!


    No returns or refunds after 30 days. Please send us a message via Instagram or Facebook to speak to us about return policy.


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